This isnt just a kindergarten thing… o-chem & pilots

15 Oct

Back in my o-chem seminar days, I sort of assumed chemistry seniors were competent in 2nd year organic, which turned out to be a really bad assumption. They were trained, but they didnt know. Its like a pilot going to a weekend ground seminar. They are pretty much guaranteed to pass their test, often with flying colors… but no way, no how would I consider them safe, or even competent enough to pass the oral exam.

What’s tricky, says Guddemi, is that children can be trained to perform tasks (called “splinter skills”), such as writing names or counting. But just because “April” can pen her name doesn’t mean she can perceive letters with oblique angles. “You can train them, but the knowledge and understanding—the true learning—has not happened,” she says. “Our country has this hang up that if the child can perform, that they know.”


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