Notes on Rebound Effect

22 May

Increased consumption that results from actions that increase efficiency and reduce cost… in effect such reduces the value of change, but rarely nullifies it completely.

In traffic and driving??

For example, strategies that increase fuel efficiency or reduce traffic congestion, and therefore reduce the per-mile cost of driving, tend to increase total vehicle mileage. Similarly, strategies that make driving seem safer tend to encourage somewhat more ???intensive??? driving (i.e., faster, closer spacing between vehicles, more distractions) than what would occur if vehicle use appears riskier to drivers.??

In energy efficiency

A home insulation program that reduces heat losses by 50% does not usually result in a full 50% reduction in energy consumption, because residents of insulated homes find that they can afford to keep their homes warmer.

UKERC??(2007),??The Rebound Effect: An Assessment Of The Evidence For Economy-Wide Energy Savings From Improved Energy Efficiency, The Technology And Policy Assessment Function Of The UK Energy Research Centre (; at??



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