Babies in cages… Is society wacked?

21 May

If one thinks a bit… putting a baby in a crib is in effect putting them in a cage. Another view of such a practice is putting them in jail, as perhaps best exemplified by a young uncle joey in the move Back to the Future. The thing is, as society, we find it normal to put a baby in such cages. We then are outraged when they get injured or killed by the bars/mattress gaps. We also run into things where in if the baby rolls over on a soft surface, they could potentially suffocate. Apart from that… why on earth is the baby only a couple feet off the floor, resulting in parents having to repeatedly bend over in the worst ergonomic way to pick up their child. The thing is… folks look at such, and no one questions it… and it repeats over and over and over.

On the other hand, whoa to those who upset the status quo. A fellow came up with a better solution decades ago… and it was not well received at all. Even today, blog commentors bring up perceptions of horror… but stepping aside, the horror seems much more the status quo.

Some interesting links on air cribs,9171,909996,00.html



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