Dont folks read??? RFID and Illegal Immigration

28 Apr

So there is this major hoopla over??Pat Bertroches comment on microchipping illegal aliens… upon reading the full article, the hoopla seems more than a bit misguided. Granted I wasnt there, so I dont know the full aspects of everything said… but it appears more a massive communications screwup than the presentation of a horrific idea.

Due to all the hoopla, I think the idea he had, which might have some promise is likely to be missed.

Bertroche said he would instead support issuing of “blue cards” to illegal immigrants that would contain the same microchip technology found in U.S. passports. These cards would allow bearers to remain in the country but would prevent them from being granted citizenship or receiving government services.

Now, I dont know if thats the answer, most certainly EMTALA from a morality point of view should apply irrespective of citizenship, same with fire, and other public safety activities… but rather than deportation which is physically and financially not practical, nor amnesty which is politically not practical, this might be at least one middle of the road approach.


The other thing is, for the most part Republicans tend to be other than amillenialists from a eschatological point of view… and thus are exceedingly sensitive to the mark of the beast and other Biblical prophecies. Proposing microchipping of humans would be extremely counter to most who hold to such views, no matter how badly they oppose illegal immigration.??

Ultimately, this is likely a case of major foot in mouth disease… and to some extent, even though I’m an extreme liberal, I’d rather see foot in mouth disease propagate through politics than the insane scripting that permeates so much of the DNC.


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