Dogma and Emotion, Counter to the Love of Christ

9 Nov

Many Christians spout dogma, rather than the love of Christ, they may also present arguments based upon emotional conditioning. The end result in far too many cases ends up coming across as mockery, rather intentional or not. In doing so, they create stumbling blocks, both for fellow believers, and non-believers.

The Underlying issue:


The Ultimate Solution from @Zdenny blog

If you follow rules rather than living a life of love, you may end up with a kid like Laura who is hurt and looking for love. The reality of love is real and I know it. If your life is lacking love, joy, peace and kindness, then you are not in the will of God and deceiving yourself as a Christian.

In order to be a light for the world, you have to have the love of God within that drives you to love one another.

The love of God when known melts away a person’s desire to mock and treat others in a demeaning manner; instead, it seeks to build others up because the love of God is meant to be shared.


Possible Incremental Steps towards the Ultimate Solution


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