Googlewave and Ministry

18 Oct

Ok, so I have not played with google wave, but I did a comment on some dudes blog, and then my post disappeared (hopefully in the mod queue, but you never know). Fortunately, I had it in my keyboard buffer, so I’m copying it here.


I’m sort of looking at this blue sky wise, ie what could be, not necessarily what is. Over the years, I’ve often run IM prayer chats, but their are two big problems. First is scheduling, and as part of that folks straggling in over as much as a 15 minute interval… and as part of that, we may be in prayer, and it gets interrupted with Joe has joined, and then folks welcome him (which is good, but it messes up the prayer part). If google wave has tab areas, one could be for welcome/fellowship another for prayer, such that folks could be involved in both at the same time if they want, or only one. Also, being a record is being created, one could also scroll up to pray at a later time frame.


Another issue with IM prayer, is scalability. Most IM clients like msn, yahoo, etc do a crash and burn when you get more than 10 or maybe 15 people on at once. They start stalling or loosing connections. Perhaps google wave will fix this.


Another thing I’m thinking of… is using it for teaching. Ideally if it had Greek fonts, or even cooler had Hebrew, the ability for student/teacher interaction, q-a, the whole deal could be amazing. Ie, one could play a video, and then students could chime in with questions in real time. The instructor could also post homework this way… and catch students making errors well before they spend days going down the wrong path.


One other area many of us struggle with, is we start something new, it may be a matter of study, prayer, worship, community, etc… and for a few days, weeks, or even months, we’re gung ho. And then things turn into goo and mud. Just like people, discipleship building can be muddy, messy, and sticky. Its all too easy to loose motivation. I’m thinking with a modest amount of tweeks, one might be able to make wave into some type of accountability tool. Its easy to blow off email, or schedulers, or the best of plans… But when 5 or more folks are looking for you to show up, and they start pinging your wave (if it was SMS or phone tie in)… thats accountability.


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