Martin Luther on the Biblical Languages #outlawpreachers

15 Oct

Taken from the 1872 Luther College catalog as referenced from the book Luther College through sixty years, 1861-1921

Luther said that where the knowledge of Greek and Hebrew is not kept up, the Gospel will at last go under. As soon as the knowledge of these languages decayed, the Gospel was weakened and the Dark Ages came upon the Church. Many fearful abuses arose, The Revival of Learning was mainly a revival of language study. It brought light upon the Gospel again, In the languages arc locked up the thoughts of the ages. The languages of the Bible are a key to Scripture, “I had come no way”, said Luther, “had not the languages helped me and made me certain of Scripture, I might have been pious and preached correctly, but the Pope and the Sophists and the whole anti-Christian regiment I had no doubt let remain as they are, God forbid that we neglect the languages, for then we will neglect the Gospel.”


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